A walk in the Park

A walk in the Park

Friday, May 3, 2013

Snow in May!

When we get packages delivered to the house it is always a big deal.  
 We read who it is for/to,  then who it is from.  If it is for Dad, then we have to wait until he comes home.  Sometimes they are for Mom or the kids and we get to open it right away. 
The best part is
1) seeing what we received,
2) finding out the packing materials used,
3) Playing with the toy or packing apparatus. 
Even though they come clearly labeled with a caution.  THIS IS NOT A TOY.  Under supervision they jump on the large bubbles to pop them and then they save room in our recycling can. 
Yesterday we received a package for Dad... We were guessing all day what could be in the package.  Sister insisted Dad open the package as soon as he got home. Inside was another box, set aside.  But the Packing peanuts were a pleasant surprise.  Anytime I get a package with peanuts in them they are moved to the garbage before they make a mess.  Well without seeing the peanuts, as I was getting dinner together,  I hear that she is enjoying the novelty decide she can play.   After dinner, Brother joins in the fun.  This is the Snow we received this MAY!

Playing in the box.  Boxes are still the number one entertainment for kids.  Large or small.

 Ummm...  all the white is static cling to his little body.   When you run it still sticks to you.

They could have played for hours spreading the packing peanuts through the house.  They were good to keep it moderately contained to one room.  When they realized that they were covered in peanuts and they were somewhat difficult to remove.  Off came the clothes.  
That is when the cleanup effort began.  
Mom knew they would clog the vacuum, so only the little pieces could be sucked up.  And going from piece to piece trying not to suck up a large peanut.... well forget that!..  By hand it must be.  Did you know that when you try to grab more, more keeps sticking to you... Good thing daddy is a thinker.  He grabbed a few dryer sheets to cut the static electricity.  This worked as our broom to sweep into a pile.  It did help to rub the dryer sheet on our hands and legs to keep others from attracting to us.  So if you ever allow your kids to play in packing peanuts...remember rub them down with a dryer sheet before and after the fun.

Highlights from 2012

It never fails!  Come February I get all self conscious about the blog.   For a few reasons: first the kids are growing up and another year has passed.  Second, I have become aware of social media and realized that there are so many voices out there.

 A whole year!  Good-ness gracious. With everything being digital, you would think I could get my act together and just whip it up.

Well this year for good reason.  We have been busy

January: house guests

February: birthdays galore

March: getting the garden ready

April:  Aunt Margie's big birthday bash!  We got to see so many long lost cousins. Auntie S,  helped mom drive and was the extra hands and ears for the long ride.  We were able to visit Po Po and Gong Gong at the Forrest Lawn Cemetary.  they have one of the best spots in the place. 

May: got addicted to Pinterest.  Swimming

June: picking zucchini- baking zucchini bread, zucchini patty, zucchini every which way.

July: picking tomatoes, 4th  of July parade in Clayton, CA fireworks!  USS hornet.  So proud to be an American!

August: family reunion, quilts and egg rolls. What my parents are known for.  We tried a bit of slack lining.   Take a picture it will last longer!

September: Roundup D├ęcor Rustic, and Still has a feminine touch.  Used as centerpieces for 24 tables.  Groups of 3 made a very nice grouping.

October: Halloween.....umm for the undecided, we started out with moon, hey diddle diddle,   A moon and spoon....difficult to walk... Rocket man/girl, ...pirate, kitty, all these costumes were available for the undecided and we wore the, all.

November: trip to Pismo beach imperial sand dunes.  Just so you know this is the most relaxing time we have together.  No Clocks.. and little sister falls asleep riding in the RHINO!.  We try to go gentle and the rolling movement of the dunes and the sound of the sea, lulls her to sleep.

December: almost 5th annual cookie exchange.  Cranberry Brie Bites for Cookie Exchange Appetizer

Friday, February 8, 2013

Rewind please!--February Birthdays

We Celebrate 3 birthdays in February.  Whoo Wee What a feat! only because I am the type that likes to do everything myself.  I don't know why, but just a compulsion that I have.  Our Little "Sugar and Spice" baby turned one.  Simple layered, round cake with dots.  To give credit where it is due.  Dad does the best icing job in town.  He has the craft mastered.  He likened it to finishing concrete!?  Well as long as he does a bank up job then all I have to do is the icing is fine by me.
Birthday Number 2: Had to be special and unique.  Right before this picture was taken of the in progress "island of Sodor"...it was about to be the forgotten "island of Garbage"!  With hills and valleys the cake was crumbling on me and I was trying to rush rush.  Used a square and a round pan to get the large shape and the excess was used to layer the hills.  I think freezing may have helped. but I'm not a professional.  So glad that I  opted to not make it look like the Thomas the train Engine.
  This was much more special because this is the day that the Birthday boy recieved his coaches, Annie and Claribel.   I really wanted to incorportate the gift into the cake.  Hills, valleys, forests & track, were done in icing. The waterfall, river/stream, and grasses, I used colored sugar, blue and green.  The rocks were a special treat from gramma.  She had brought rock candy and that made the whole island a little more real.  Flavor underneath was a carrot cake and Chocolate.  A mixture for all the tastes in our family.
The firends we celebrated with were just tickled pink... about the rocks, trees, and water.  So overall I would say a sucess!

And the last birthday.... I don't make that Cake!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our favorite moments

Growing up happens so fast! This year has been the fastest. After almost a year I think I have things almost figured out with schedules, being a mom, working.... then the kids start new skills and just grow up so fast. A Few years ago I about this very time I told jax to slow down... well look at us now. I was thinking it with em, but forgot to actualy tell her since it did no good with the first. So as We start a new year. already here are a few of our favorite moments.

Um she's little now and thinks she is so funny being where she's not supposed to be. I think to my self. "poor dishwasher, your gonna fall apart any day!" She just plays with the trays and spins the helicopter and has so much fun...had to capture the sheer joy of Growing up.

Look What I have! a fork and im using it, to feed myself..Yaay!

My toothless Smile! before I got my Chompers.

Look, I got a big Cheeky!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pictures in the park

Not an easy task. We had a friend take some much needed Family Photos. Personalities are everchanging and growing. We wanted to share some of the fun we have been experienceing as parents. Smiles & giggles, walking & wiggles.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just had to go back in time.

I just had to go back in time to show the Halloween we had this year. Halloween has never been my favorite holiday... until I had kids. This year we were a hodge podge of all sorts of things. The boys were cute as can be cowboys. Jax was finally able to fit into his handme down cowboy boots from the Family reunion and souvineer hat, Daddy's vest from when he was little, and mamma's collection of hankies. Em-was a little viking baby, not sure of the proper term. But she was given this cute hat as a gift...It was perfect timing for Halloween and so starts TUTU making. What she is wearing is a tutu made from scraps from a tutu she will wear in about 2 years. Mama was a thrown together gypsy! (not pictured)

Oh we love our brother. Em loves crawling all over Jax. Especially when he has snacks. To Jax, anytime we eat sitting on a blanket, it's a "picnic". We came home from errands and I gave him some snacks, he asked for a blanket for a picnic. He loves eating outside. Today of all things we had a picnic this afternoon in the warm sun. It was so warm we had to pull the blanket into the sun. He really loves playing outdoors.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So it's been Awhile.....

2010 I had good intentions of keeping up to date. It is now the latter half of 2011 and I don't intend to Catch up on the last year and a half.

Some Pictures to let you know we are doing well and living life. Jax has a love of trains and cannot get enough. We distract him by going to the park or places to play with friends. Learning to share just started. He can share most of the time with Mom, Dad and Elly. There are select toys for us. but of course Everything is "MINE"! Jax is a pretty good back seat driver. "red light-STOP....Green light-GO GOGO!!"

Oh Yeah..we Welcomed Emily to the Family in February. She makes the best Cooing sounds and has the cutest "toothless Smile" Chubby as Ever and rolling and scooting all over the place reaching for things she ought not to. She adores her big brother. He will push her in the swing that is already swiging and they just have a ball Laughing at each other till one of them gets the hiccups.